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4-5 December 2004
Trial Results
Photo Gallery
Schutzhund 1, 2, 3
BH (Begleithund)

GSDCA-WDA Schutzhund Trial  (12/04/04 + 12/05/04)
Photo Gallery

Pictures from the Schutzhund Trial

This photo gallery provides an overview of this 2-day event. To view individual dogs please click on the menu links for each trial to view those pictures.

Wayne Speaks with “Blitz”, Michael Gunman with Rock’n Rye, and Cheryl Mathis with Donar waiting for the results.
Carolina German Shepherd Working Dog Club members
SV Foreign/WDA Judge Bogdan Sergo talks with Wayne Speaks (CGSWDC vice president). Kevin Cooke with Eko and Cheryl Mathis with Gustl reporting for the BH.
Schutzhund Trial
Cheryl Mathis with Donar, SV Foreign/WDA Judge Bogdan Sergo, and helper Stewart Bumgarner. Front: Helper Stewart Bumgarner, Wayne Speaks with “Blitz”, and SV Foreign/WDA Judge Bogdan Sergo.
Background: John & Denise Davis (red jacket), Brigitte Holder, visitor, Irina Lebedeva (yellow jacket), Martylou Plinski, Donna Agee (trial secretary).
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