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15-16 March 2008
Show Results 3/16/08
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Back to top 15-16 March 2008 • Statesville, North Carolina

Southeastern Regional Show and Breed Survey
The Carolina German Shepherd Working Dog Club hosted the GSDCA-WDA Southeastern Regional Show and Breed Survey on 15-16 March 2008 in Statesville, NC, USA.

This event was open to all GSDCA-WDA members in good standing and other dog owners with German Shepherd Dogs.

This event was judged by SV Judge/Körmeister Herr Ernst Seifert from Germany.  [more]

Unofficial results as of 3/16/08!
Photo Gallery
Southeastern Regional Show and Breed Survey
By Richard Agee

A wonderful time was had by all who attended the Southeastern Regional Show and Breed Survey on March 15 and 16 in Statesville, North Carolina. The total entry for the event was 181 and there were many excellent dogs shown. The event started with “set up” on Friday. There were eight vendors with most anything relating to dog sports.

The Holiday Inn our host hotel was sold out again this year. A practice ring was set up and got lots of use Friday and Saturday. The judge, Herr Ernst Seifert arrived Thursday along with his wife. It was indeed a pleasure to work with Mr. Seifert, Mr. Seifert judged the NASS 2007. The helper for the Breed Survey was Josh Scutt, a Nationally Certified helper for the GSDCA-WDA. Josh arrived Friday and was available to work dogs that afternoon. Friday evening was spent socializing with old friends and meeting many new ones. The lounge at the Holiday Inn filled up quickly. Many dogs were “checked in” for the show Friday evening.

The Breed Survey was first on the agenda Saturday. Mr. Seifert had all the dogs in the ring for the gun shot test and then had each dog perform the protection test. All dogs passed. Josh did his usual outstanding work as helper. Then the measuring and weighing was done. The rest of the morning was spent writing the surveys on each dog.

While all this was going on the "kitchen crew" were very busy preparing lunch. A continental breakfast was available earlier.

A special recognition was made for the “Show Sponsors”: George Rowland, Patsy Rowland, Martha Hunt, Gail Bauer, Kathy Prudden, Cynthia McMahan, Marlou Andresen and Cindy Petersen. Their generosity allowed us to feed everyone lunch Saturday and Sunday.

The opening ceremony kicked the show off and Amy Ehrlich did a grand job of singing the Star Spangled Banner. As tradition has it the next thing was our famous raffle.

We had nearly $1000 in raffle items and it was the best ever. Many thanks go out to the good folks show contributed items to this. It was now time for the show.

The afternoon started with the 3-6 female class. Eighteen entries were in the catalog and were shown. There were quite a few pups to represent the stud force in America right now. Ulko, Liedo, Teejay and Yash were represented in the class. Mr. Seifert was very impressed with the class and all received the “VP” and the winner was Fanta vom Globalhaus with her sister Fina second.

The 3-6 male puppy class also had a large entry. They also all received VP with the brother of the females Fanto vom Globalhaus winning the class.

The 6-9 female class was called and all dogs were shown. Again all dogs received VP. The winner was Ava von Drache Feld, a Karat’s Ulko daughter.

The 6-9 male class had 8 entries. Again all received VP with the brother of Ava, Andy vom Drache Feld winning the class.

The 9-12 female class had 18 entries with 14 shown. All received VP with Ray vom Hartmann Haus, another Ulko daughter the winner.

The 9-12 male class had 13 entries with 10 shown and all receiving a VP. The winner for the class was Apoll vom Globalhaus, a Hoss vom Hirmer Teich son.

The showing ended there with a rather wicked thunder storm bearing down on us. Over all, it was quite rewarding for the American breeders.

The evening was spent dining and socializing with friends. The Holiday Inn had a special buffet set up for the show and the bar was well stocked for after dinner socializing.

The rain and storms passed with the night and Sunday came with the sun shinning. The Carolina German Shepherd Working Dog Club members were working early and had Danish, donuts, coffee and hot chocolate ready when the people arrived. They made sure no one was hungry or thirsty the entire show.

The 12-18 female class was called with 13 dogs entered and 10 shown all receiving SG. The first place female was Karat’s Sindy who is a very striking dog and a Granddaughter of Karat’s Ulko. I’m sure we will see her again.

The 12-18 male were called, seven were entered and four were shown. The winner was Eice von Quarin, a Pakos son from Germany. I should note here that the judge measured each dog and recorded this. Dogs that were oversized were excused. This continued for all classes on Sunday. Germany recognizes a problem in size of the dogs and is working to see it is corrected.

The 18-24 female class had 8 entries with seven shown. The winner was Maggie Haus Juris a Liedo daughter, she was shown last year and went VP1. All dogs in this class received SG.

The 18-24 male class was next. There were nine entries with seven shown. Hunter vom Nobelos was the winner. He is a Kerry Torberg son. This was a particularly nice class and all received SG.

A lunch break was taken and the Carolina Cooking Team did their thing. There was also time for shopping from the numerous vendors.

After lunch the show got started again with the Adult Class, then the Veterans Class, each had one entry.

The show got really serious when the Working Females were called. There were 18 entries with 13 shown. The stand for exam and single lap kept all eyes glued on the dog. Then the judge called the dogs in order to show. When the showing was over the V1 Female for the SE Regional was Nicoll von der Ochsenfurt, owned by Cynthia McMahan. This class was outstanding and all dogs got V rated. This kind of quality is seldom seen outside a Sieger Show.

The Working Male class was just as exciting. There were 19 entries six of which were prior VA dogs. Mr. Seifert commented it would be hard to find this nice a class in Germany. It looked like a Sieger Show class. The stand for exam and single gaiting lap were awesome. I was impressed by a new dog, Yash von der Bastille, a VA Hill vom Farbenspiel son. He placed 7th with six VA dogs in front of him. I thought that was quite a placement. When all the gaiting was over the winner was Liedo vom Kuckucksland owned by Megan Judge of Nokesville, Virginia. Liedo was the winner from last year’s show and was shown in excellent condition. Anyone looking for a stud dog should have been there. There was a super selection to choose from.

I must comment on the high degree of sportsmanship exhibited at the show. The judge also noted this. We appreciate all of competitors bringing their best dogs to show. This was a truly outstanding Regional Show. The results and on-line catalog can be seen on this website. We hope to see you in North Carolina next year on March 13-15, 2009.
Back to top Breed Survey and Show Class Entries

Here are current entries for this event.
Category Females Males
Breed Survey, first time 2 1
Breed Survey, lifetime 4 3
Breed Survey, try to upgrade 0 0
Baby Puppy Class, 3-6 months 18 17
Junior Puppy Class, 6-9 months 19 8
Senior Puppy Class, 9-12 months 19 13
Youth Class, 12-18 months 13 7
Young Dog Class, 18-24 months 8 9
Adult Class, 24 months and older 0 1
Working Dog Class, 24 months and older 18 19
Veterans Class, 6 years and older 1 1
Totals 102 79
Back to top Entry Form Introduction

The Registration Process is CLOSED as of Fri 2/29/08!
Download the Entry Form as a PDF
Entry Deadlines
There are three entry deadlines.
[1] Friday 15 February 2008!
Receive a FREE show catalog (a $5.00 value) if we did receive your completed entry form(s) and payment on or before this date.

[2] Friday 22 February 2008!
All other completed entries and breed surveys must be received on or before this date.

[3] Friday 29 February 2008!
Late entries will be accepted with an entry fee surcharge of 100% per dog until this date (except breed surveys).

The entry form is available as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file for downloading and for printing. You can pay with a check or money order. If you have difficulties downloading the PDF file then we can e-mail, fax or mail you the entry form. You can fill out the entry form by hand and then mail it back to us together with your payment and copies of required documents. For class fees and entry details check here.  [more]
Enter via Mail and pay with a check or money order.
Request to eMail/Fax/Mail me the entry form.
Checklist for appropriate documents and Breed Survey rules.
Back to top Printed Matter

Show Brochure
Download the Show Brochure as a PDF file.
This is our show brochure. This 1-page document shows the schedule, advertising rates, host hotel and show grounds.
Click on the document image to view and print this Adobe Acrobat 5.0 PDF file!
cgswdc_2008_show_brochure.pdf (392.8k)

Right mouse click the text link to download the PDF file!
Back to top Times, Dates, Agenda, Program

The schedule is included in the show brochure. Download the cgswdc_2008_show_brochure.pdf (392.8k) as an Adobe Acrobat 5.0 PDF file.
Date Time Event
14 March 2008
2:00 PM Practice for Breed Survey
5:30-7:00 PM Registration/Check-In
at host hotel
15 March 2008
8:30 AM Breed Survey
then Dental Notations,
Raffle Drawing
Afternoon Opening Ceremony, US National Anthem sung by Amy Ehrlich; then individual show sponsor recognition/sculpture presentation
Conformation Show:
Puppy dogs 3-12 months
Evening Buffet at host hotel
16 March 2008
10:00 AM Conformation Show:
Youth/Young dogs 12-24 months
Adult + Veterans Classes
Afternoon Conformation Show:
Working Dog Class

Note: A GSDCA-WDA certified helper will be on the show grounds on Friday afternoon and Saturday morning!
Back to top Who is judging this show?

Judge and Körmeister
Portrait of Ernst Seifert
Herr Ernst Seifert is a conformation judge (1994) and Körmeister (2000) with the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) of Germany. He is a SV member since 1974. He is coming to us from Bönnigheim, Germany. Map it!

We are fortunate and pleased to have him with us. We would like to thank him for coming and accepting our invitation.
First I would like to thank you very much for the invitation to judge this Conformation Show.
My name is Ernst Seifert and I come from Germany near the city of Stuttgart. I am 64 years old, married and have three children and five grandchildren. I am in retirement since the past few years.
I am member of the SV since 1974 and since then I have been active in many Ortsgruppe (OG)-offices in my region. I am a conformation judge since 1994. I am a Körmeister since the year 2000.
A special highlight in my career was the judging of the Bundessiegerzuchtschau’s, protection test of the female Working Dogs 2004 in Karlsruhe, Germany, the judging of the HGH classes 2005 in Ulm, Germany and judging the male Youth Dog Class 2006 in Oberhausen, Germany.
My kennel name is “Vom Baiselsberg”. I have exhibit many highly rated dogs in the past years in the Bundessiegerzuchtschau in Germany. For example: male Working Dogs VA5, V1, V10 and V12. Youth and Young Dog Class SG4, SG6, SG7, SG8, SG9, SG12 etc. I trained also approx. 50 dogs myself from SchH1 to SchH3, IPO3 and FH.
During my judging activity abroad I already travelled to almost the whole world. E.g. New Zealand, Mexico, Australia, Malaysia, America, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Russia, Ukraine, Croatia, Lithuania, South Africa, Greece, Peru, The Netherlands, Belgium, etc.
My goal is to more strongly interconnect the conformation and working dog breeds.
Ernst Seifert
Kirchheimer Str. 185
D-74357 Bönnigheim
Tel./Fax.: +49-7143-22368
Cell: +49-171-6557833
eMail: ernstseifert@gmx.de
Back to top Who is the helper?

Breed Survey Helper
Helper is Josh Scutt
Our helper for the Breed Survey is Josh Scutt.

Josh is a certified GSDCA-WDA national helper under the rules of the GSDCA-WDA Helper Certification Program. He will be the helper for both the female and male dogs.

Back to top Where is this show?

Show Grounds

Show Grounds panorama
Sign for Statesville Park & Soccer Complex

GPS coordinates
Lon = -80.851489
Lat = 35.801334
This event will be held at the

Statesville Park & Soccer Complex
2012 Simonton Road
Statesville, NC 28625

View event location Map, Hybrid or Satellite.

This is the same location as the 2007 Regional Conformation Show, Breed Survey and Schutzhund Trial (16-18 March 2007) and the 2003 GSDCA-WDA North American Sieger Show (November 2003) was held.  [more]

Map and Directions
Download the Map and Directions as a PDF file.
This is the map and directions sheet. This 1-page document shows directional maps and written driving instructions to the show grounds and host hotel.

Click on the document image to view and print this Adobe Acrobat 5.0 PDF file!
cgswdc_2008_map.pdf (1066k)

Right mouse click the text link to download the PDF file!
Show ground panoramic photos, aerial photos and directions.

This event will be held in Statesville, North Carolina.
No admission fee!
Free parking!

» Statesville Area Street View
» Important locations to remember!

Follow these dog signs to the show grounds.

Area map for Statesville, North Carlina
Back to top Average temperatures, sunrise/sunset, and moon phase?

The two tables below provide sunrise/sunset times and average temperature details for the event period.

Check current weather and forecast for Statesville, NC on the left.

Check the Long-Range Weather Forecast for Statesville, NC at www.dryday.com.

Moon Phase

3/14/08 3/15/08 3/16/08
Day Sunrise Sunset
14 March 2008 7:36 AM 7:30 PM
15 March 2008 7:35 AM 7:31 PM
16 March 2008 7:34 AM 7:32 PM

Day Avg. High Avg. Low Mean Record High Record Low
14 63°F 36°F 50°F 83°F (1973) 8°F (1960)
15 64°F 37°F 50°F 85°F (1967) 10°F (1993)
16 63°F 37°F 50°F 83°F (1945) 15°F (1970)

Back to top Where are the hotels?

Host Hotel
Holiday Inn - Statesville
The host hotel is the
Holiday Inn Statesville
I-77, Exit 49a
1215 Garner Bagnal Blvd.
Statesville, NC 28677
Front Desk: (704) 878-9691
Fax: (704) 873-6927

134 rooms, 2 floors, inside entrance to the guest rooms, full service restaurant, room service and lounge, outdoor pool, free WiFi. Rooms include a king bed or two double beds.

When making arrangements with the hotel please mention “Dog Show” to receive the special rate of $74.00 for a standard room (no other deposits are necessary). A minimum block of 60 rooms is reserved for this dog show.

The host hotel is 5 minutes (2.6 miles) southwest from the Show Grounds.
Dogs are allowed in rooms during this event!

Check here for other hotels in Statesville, North Carolina.
Back to top Where else can I find a place to stay?

RV Site and Campground
Kampgrounds of America, Inc.
of America, Inc.

Statesville KOA
162 KOA Lane
Statesville, NC 28677
Toll Free: (800) 562-5705
Tel: (704) 873-5560
E-Mail: koas@bellsouth.net

Check the rates here!

On I-77, Exit 45 Statesville, North Carolina. Paved roads and Kamping Kabins with Air Conditioning. Restaurants, shopping center and golf course nearby. Open all year.  [more]
Back to top Flying?

Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Charlotte Douglas International Airport

The closest airport is Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The airport is located 44 miles south from the host hotel. [more]
Back to top Where can I rent a vehicle?

Car Rental Agencies
Triangle Rent A Car
Triangle Rent A Car
Ask for Derek Blanton. Let him know if you will need seats removed from the vehicle when you make the reservation. A Triangle Rent A Car shuttle is provided to their station at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Manager: Derek Blanton
4226-a South Blvd.
Charlotte, NC 28209
E-Mail: dblanton@trianglerentacar.com
Tel: (704) 527-1900
Fax: (704) 527-7325
Hours: 7am - 7pm Monday thru Saturday and 11am - 5pm Sunday EST

Triangle Rent A Car
Enterprise Rent-A-Car Company
To make a reservation e-mail Brian Beasley. Let him know in advance if you need the seats removed from the mini vans. The Enterprise Rent-A-Car station is inside the Charlotte Douglas International Airport.

Brian Beasley
Charlotte Airport (On-Site)
4202 Air Ramp Road
Charlotte, NC 28214-3102
E-Mail: michael.b.beasley@erac.com
Tel: (704) 359-8884
Hours: 6:30am - 11:30pm Monday thru Sunday EST

Back to top Show Catalog Advertisement

The show catalog will be printed in a size of 5.5" x 8.5", portrait format. All pages in the show catalog will be printed B/W (grayscale). The cover stock is light blue, 65 lbs. cover. The inside pages are printed on white 24 lbs. bond. All advertisers purchasing an advertisement will receive a free advertising link on this show website. Please contact us if you need more details.

Advertising Rates

Position Rate Availability
Outside Front cover Not available
Outside Back cover $60 SOLD
Inside Front cover Not available
Opposite Inside Front cover $30 SOLD
Inside Back cover Not available
Opposite Inside Back cover $30 SOLD
Inside Center Spread $60 SOLD
Inside $30 Available

Artwork Specifications
All advertising artwork must be submitted in electronic file format. We only accept your Macintosh or PC (Windows) files formatted as EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), PDF (Adobe Acrobat up to v1.6) or TIF (Tagged Image File Format). We print the catalog in black and white (grayscale). Bitmap image file data should be saved at 200 dpi or higher resolution. Before submitting your files you must convert your artwork from JPG (JPEG) bitmap file format to one of the previously mentioned file formats. Embed all used fonts or provide fonts as separate files. All used artwork colors need to be converted to monochrome B/W, CMYK-black or grayscale. Please do not provide artwork in built 4-color process (CMYK), RGB, spot or other color spaces! Bleed is not available.

Payment Options
We need to receive your check or money order and your artwork until Friday 29 February 2008.

Make your check payment payable to:
Donna S. Agee, then mail the envelope to:

c/o State Farm Insurance
Donna Agee, treasurer, CGSWDC
6404 Carmel Road, Suite 200
Charlotte, NC 28226

Please e-mail your artwork files to: CGSWDC@aol.com.

Large files can be uploaded to our FTP site. Contact us for login and password or send a CD-R or a 3.5" diskette to:
Klaus Holder • 1303 Old NC Hwy 10 • Hillsborough, NC 27278-9546

Advertiser List Website/E-Mail
European Trophies www.europeantrophies.com
Vom Galeid Haus www.germanshepherdpuppies.us
Ilay vom Nordkristall Mary Gattone
Drache Feld German Shepherds www.drachefeld.com
Eichenhalle German Shepherd Dogs www.johnpjonescaninetraining.com
It-BiteZ, LLC www.itbitez.net
Jones Trailer Company www.jonestrailers.com
Lundy Training Kennels www.lundytrainingkennels.com
Holder’s Animal Food Service Brigitte Holder
Kenni von Country Oak Shepherds www.countryoakshepherds.com
Back to top Vendors, Exhibitors, Sellers of dog products

Request for Vendors
We would like to invite you to become a vendor at this show. There is no charge for the booth space if you donate something for our raffle drawing on Saturday 15 March 2008. Easy access to the vendor area. Bring your own tent. This is a great opportunity to show your products.

Call Richard Agee, Show Chairman at Tel. (704) 541-9999 day or Tel. (704) 875-1919 evening to make arrangements. Fax your information to (704) 541-6576 office or e-Mail us at: CGSWDC@aol.com

Participating Vendor List (5 vendors as of 3 March 2008)

We are the eastern North American distributor for WT-METALL dog trailers, dog transport boxes, and training equipment. WT-METALL is located in Bamberg, Germany and is world renowned for its quality construction.

1 Lufberry Avenue
New Brunswick, NJ 08701
Tel.: (732) 249-5145
Web: www.wt-metall.com
E-mail: roy@wt-metall.com

Kurt USA
Professional Dog Training Equipment for military, law enforcement and sportsmen.

Kurt USA
Gustavo (Gus) C de Martino
Newport, NC 28570
Tel./Fax.: (252) 240-3233
Web: www.kurtusa.com
E-mail: gus@kurtusa.com

North America’s leading supplier of Bende Training Equipment. We offer the finest training equipment by US and European craftsman. Be sure to check out or American made leather products. Whatever venue you chose to participate we have what you need.
We do not just sell training equipment we use every piece in our own training programs.

60104 Cotton Gin Port Road
Amory, MS 38821
Tel: 662-315-6951
Web: www.itbitez.net
E-mail: sales@itbitez.net

Eurosport Equipment
We at Eurosport Equipment understand the needs of Schutzhund, Police, and Military and working dog enthusiasts. We specialize in items for the working dog and their handlers, trainers and owners.
Eurosport Equipment offers the finest European crafted K-9 products at affordable prices. Offering a wide variety of equipment from bite suits for all training levels to hand crafted durable toys, to suit all of your dog training needs.

Eurosport Equipment
Richard and Simone Koproski
Weston, Connecticut 06883
Tel: 888-387-8131
Web: www.eurosportequipment.com
E-mail: Eurosportequipment@sbcglobal.net

Holder’s Animal Food Services
Show quality pet food your pet will absolutely love you for! The NATURAL and HEALTH IMPROVING Formulas NATURE Intended All Along… Tasty Life Giving… Freshly Ground. ORGAN MEATS & MEATY BONES!

Brigitte Holder
1303 Old NC 10
Hillsborough, NC 27278
Tel: (919) 341-2606
E-mail: ctryoak@aol.com

Back to top Show Sponsorship

Show Sponsors
View larger picture: Schutzhund heeling sculpture View larger picture: Schutzhund hold and bark sculpture Request for Show Sponsors
We are announcing a very special never before offered show sponsorship award exclusively to our 2008 show sponsors. A $250 show sponsorship donation will award you with a Schutzhund “hold and bark” sculpture (height: 12.0 inches) or a Schutzhund “heeling” sculpture (height: 11.4 inches), individual recognition/sculpture presentation at our opening ceremony, in our show catalog and on our show website.

Please support us with your sponsorship for this show.

Please call Richard Agee, Show Chairman
at Tel. (704) 541-9999 day
or Tel. (704) 875-1919 evening
to order your show sponsorship.
Fax your information to (704) 541-6576 office or e-Mail us at: CGSWDC@aol.com

Make your check payment payable to:
Donna S. Agee, then mail the envelope to:

c/o State Farm Insurance
Donna Agee, treasurer, CGSWDC
6404 Carmel Road, Suite 200
Charlotte, NC 28226

Show Sponsors Amount
Vom Landstrasse German Shepherds
George Rowland, Chesapeake, VA
Vom Landstrasse German Shepherds
Patsy Rowland, Chesapeake, VA
Hunt German Shepherds
Martha Hunt, Odessa, FL
PPK German Shepherds (Vom Haus Geisthund)
Kathy Prudden, Stafford Springs, CT
Vom Royale German Shepherds
Gail Bauer, Lakeport, MI
Globalhaus German Shepherds
Cynthia Whitfield McMahan, Chapel Hill, NC
It-BiteZ, LLC
Cindy Petersen, Amory, MS
Curt & Malou Andresen, Charlotte, NC $250.00
Back to top Trophy Sponsorship

Trophy Sponsors
Request for Trophy Sponsors
Please support us with your sponsorship for this show. Sponsorship of one of these excellent awards will enhance this event.

Please call Richard Agee, Show Chairman at Tel. (704) 541-9999 day or Tel. (704) 875-1919 evening to reserve your trophy sponsorship. Fax your information to (704) 541-6576 office or e-Mail us at: CGSWDC@aol.com

Trophy Sponsors   Amount
PPK German Shepherds, Peter + Kathy Prudden $100.00
Wesley Chapel Total Dog Training Club, Helen Gleason $100.00
Vom Krafthaus German Shepherds, Alaina Culleton $50.00
Crystal Springs Water Donated 6 cases of water.
Back to top 15 March 2008 — Buffet

Holiday Inn - Statesville
Saturday evening, 15 March 2008

Holiday Inn Statesville
I-77, Exit 49a
1215 Garner Bagnal Blvd.
Statesville, NC 28677
Front Desk: (704) 878-9691
Fax: (704) 873-6927

The buffet is in the restaurant area of the Holiday Inn. In the evening everyone can come and eat at their own time.

Please join us for the buffet.
Back to top Catalog, GSD Listings

Show Catalog
Front cover of 2008 show catalog.
The show catalog will be sold for $5.00 during check-in and at the show grounds. You have the option to receive a FREE show catalog per entered dog if you submitted your completed entry form(s) and payment on or before Friday 15 February 2008.

Please take advantage to advertise in our show catalog.

Click on the document image to view and print this Adobe Acrobat 5.0 PDF file!
cgswdc_show2008_catalog.pdf (1.06 MB) Right mouse click the text link to download the PDF!

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