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15-16 March 2008
Entry Form
Breed Survey Rules
Checklist for Documents

Southeastern Regional Show and Breed Survey
Breed Survey Entry Form Deadline is 22 February 2008
GSDCA-WDA Breed Survey Rules + Checklist for Documents


No late entries for breed surveys!

In addition to our entry form you will need to fill out and submit the GSDCA-WDA Breed Survey Entry Form (see icon on left).

GSDCA-WDA membership is a requirement to participate in the breed survey program. To become a GSDCA-WDA member download the GSDCA-WDA Membership Application and Renewal form.

For additional breed survey program details read, understand and follow the GSDCA-WDA Breed Survey Rules & Procedures published at the GSDCA-WDA website.

The following information is prepared for owners of German Shepherd Dogs as a tool to insure the required documentation is provided to the Breed Survey Secretary. If the bulleted items below have not been complied with, your breed survey will not be accepted!

Effective January 1, 2008, ALL dogs born after January 1, 2004 must have an elbow “a” stamp issued by the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. before they may be breed surveyed through the GSDCA-WDA. OFA elbow certifications are NOT accepted by the SV. SV “a” stamp applications for elbows are available ONLY from Joy Schultz at the GSDCA-WDA office, wdaoffice@cfl.rr.com or Tel. 386-736-2486. For more details read the “a” Stamp Elbow Evaluation Program Guidelines (PDF, 1/13/08).

Based upon current policies of the SV, the GSDCA-WDA Board of Directors have adopted the following rules and guidelines. Please read the Breed Survey Rules & Procedures from January 1, 2007 (Rev. 4/17/07) as a 10-page PDF file.

All German Shepherd Dogs must be tattooed before entry in the breed survey.
The dogs must be two years old on or before 31 December 2008.

Breed Survey Entry Form Deadline is 22 February 2008.
No late entries for breed surveys!
Dog’s Registration Documents (originals must be submitted)
  For dogs born in the United States you must have AKC registration:
The current AKC Registration Certificate.
(small white form).
The 4-generation AKC Certified Pedigree including the GSDCA-WDA Tattoo Certification seal (required as of 10/1/2004).
(USCA “pedigrees” are not acceptable.)
All transfers of ownership must be completed and submitted.

  For dogs that are born and registered in a foreign country:
The original SV or FCI recognized 4-generation pedigree issued in the country where the dog was born.
All transfers of ownership must be completed and submitted if not recorded on the certified pedigree.

Dog’s Additional Documents (that must be submitted)
  Description of additional documents
OFA Hip Certificate, SV “a”-stamp or other SV recognized hip certification. (The USCA pedigree with an “a”-stamp can only be used as proof of hip certification.)
SV “a”-stamp elbow certification. (For ALL dogs born after 1/1/2004. OFA elbow certifications are NOT accepted by the SV.).
The original scorebook with proof at least of a SchH1, IP1 or HGH with a minimum score of 80 in protection; and proof of an AD and BH. The AD is NOT required for dogs over 6 years of age.
A show card from classes over 12 months of age with at least a “G” rating from an SV/SV Foreign Judge. (“Show ratings” from USCA “conformation” judges are NOT acceptable.)
The original Breed Survey Report must be submitted for the following:
(a) Breed Survey for Life;
(b) New Survey after lapse;
(c) Survey Class Improvement; or
(d) Survey Extension for one year.

For an Extension of Survey for one year, submit the proof of breeding and certification from a veterinarian of pregnancy of at least 42 days on the day of the Breed Survey; or for whelping of a litter within 42 days of the Breed Survey. The hosting club Breed Survey Fee will apply. An SV Körmeister must have awarded all original Breed Surveys.

Owner’s Identification Documents (originals must be presented)
  Dog owner must have and show proof at check-in for:
Proof of GSDCA-WDA membership.
(Business card size membership card for 2008).
U.S. Passport (American citizens only) or
Foreign Passport and Permanent Resident Card (green card) or
Driver License issued in the USA.

Please note that the Carolina German Shepherd Working Dog Club (CGSWDC) will not accept requests from dog owners for new GSDCA-WDA membership applications submitted together with their breed survey entry form. The following information below in red published on 1/1/2008 at http://www.gsdca-wda.org/fromoffice.htm does not follow current GSDCA-WDA By-Laws that require prior approval and publishing of new member names.

Non-members may submit application for membership along with their breed survey entry to the host club. The club will be responsible for submitting the applications and dues to the GSDCA-WDA office along with their event paperwork.

Please make sure that you are a “GSDCA-WDA member in good standing” according to the current GSDCA-WDA By-Laws prior to the breed survey entry form deadline of 2/22/08. This will avoid any complications or rejections after you submitted your breed survey entry form to the Carolina German Shepherd Working Dog Club (CGSWDC). After the breed survey on 3/15/08 the CGSWDC show secretary will forward the original paperwork to the GSDCA-WDA Breed Surveys’ staff member Martylou Plinski for processing.

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