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16-18 March 2007
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Photo Gallery

GSDCA-WDA Southeastern Regional Conformation Show, Breed Survey and Club Trial
Photo Gallery (16-18 March 2007)

This photo gallery provides a small overview of this 3-day event.

All pictures provided by CGSWDC member Mary Ann McBride.
© 2007 — All rights reserved.

GSDCA-WDA Ultimate Sponsor Program

Photo by Artistic Portrait Design by Martin
From left to right:
Richard Agee, CGSWDC president
Klaus Holder, CGSWDC secretary
Ken Downing, GSDCA-WDA president
Josh Scutt, GSDCA-WDA national helper
Wayne Speaks, CGSWDC vice president
Patsy & George Rowland, Vom Landstrasse German Shepherds
Amber & Alaina Culleton, Vom Krafthaus
Danny Spreitler, Team Spreitler
Jochen Janz, Vom Lachenerweg

Baby Puppy Class, 3-6 months, males
Cat. 57, VP3 New Skete’s Ivan the Magnificent owned by Mary Ann McBride (CGSWDC member). Ivan is stacked by Patrick Kuehn. SV Judge Helmut König announces his critique which is translated by Brigitte Holder.
Mary Ann McBride with Ivan received the VP3 trophy. Ivan and his handler Patrick Kuehn in the show ring.
Concession Stand Crew

From left to right: Gunnel Chenail, Rob Dennis, Judith Andersson, Kerri Dennis, Malou Andresen.
CGSWDC Action Shots
Pooper scooper man Richard Agee. Rob Dennis and his two grills protected by our blinds to break the breezy winds.
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