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16-18 March 2007
Entry Form
Breed Survey Rules
Breed Survey Entry Form
Enter via Mail
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Southeastern Regional Show, Breed Survey and Club Trial
Breed Survey Entry Form Deadline is 23 February 2007
GSDCA-WDA Breed Survey Rules + Checklist for Documents

No late entries for breed surveys!

The following information was first published in the GSDCA-WDA Newsletter, Volume XV, No. 2, March-April 2003 on page 35.

This web page is prepared for owners of German Shepherd Dogs as a tool to insure the required information is provided to the Breed Survey Secretary. If the bulleted items below have not been complied with, your breed survey will not be accepted!

Based upon current policies of the SV, the GSDCA-WDA Board of Directors have adopted the following rules and guidelines on July 28, 2002; amended January 26, 2003.

For additional information about “Körung 2005” published by the Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V. check their website for the latest 2005 PDF file document (written in German).

All German Shepherd Dogs must be tattooed before entry in the breed survey.
The dogs must be born in 2005 or earlier.

Registration Documents (originals must be submitted)
  For dogs born in the United States you must have AKC registration:
The current AKC Registration Certificate.
(small white form).
The 4-generation AKC Certified Pedigree including the GSDCA-WDA Tattoo Certification seal (required as of 10/1/2004).
(USCA “pedigrees” are not acceptable.)
All transfers of ownership must be completed and submitted.

  For dogs that are born and registered in a foreign country:
The original SV or FCI recognized 4-generation pedigree issued in the country where the dog was born.
All transfers of ownership must be completed and submitted if not recorded on the certified pedigree.

Additional Documents (that must be submitted)
  Description of additional documents
OFA Hip Certificate, SV “a”-stamp or other SV recognized hip certification. (The USCA pedigree with an “a”-stamp can only be used as proof of hip certification.)
The original scorebook with proof at least of a SchH1, IP1 or HGH under an SV/SV Foreign judge with a minimum score of 80 in protection; and proof of an AD and BH under an SV/SV Foreign judge. The AD is NOT required for dogs over 6 years of age.
A show card from classes over 12 months of age with at least a “G” rating from an SV/SV Foreign Judge. (“Show ratings” from USCA “conformation” judges are not acceptable.)
The original Breed Survey Report must be submitted for the following:
(a) Breed Survey for Life;
(b) New Survey after lapse;
(c) Survey Class Improvement; or
(d) Survey Extension for one year.

For an Extension of Survey for one year, submit the proof of breeding and certification from a veterinarian of pregnancy of at least 42 days on the day of the Breed Survey; or for whelping of a litter within 42 days of the Breed Survey. The hosting club Breed Survey Fee will apply. An SV Körmeister must have awarded all original Breed Surveys.

Download GSDCA-WDA Breed Survey Entry Form

Please follow the steps below to download the GSDCA-WDA Breed Survey Entry Form as an Adobe Acrobat 3.0 PDF file.

Please note that this PDF file does not have fillable form fields. You will need to print it first and then fill in your information manually.
Step Instructions
Download the file GSDCA-WDA_Breed_Survey_Entry_Form.pdf (Adobe Acrobat 3.0 PDF v1.2 file, 6.2 kbytes) by right mouse clicking on the PDF icon or on the PDF file name link and then select “Save Target as...” to save the PDF to your computer’s hard drive.
2 Start Adobe Acrobat Reader 3.0 or higher, then open the PDF file and print a copy on your desktop printer.
3 By hand fill in the form fields with your entry form data and mark the appropriate check boxes.
4 Some form fields may not be applicable to your dog. In such cases leave the fields empty or place “NA” (not applicable) instead. Please make sure that your entered e-mail address is valid.
5 Sign and date the GSDCA-WDA Breed Survey Entry Form.
6 Complete your package by adding a check payment or money order, payable to Donna S. Agee, a signed GSDCA-WDA Breed Survey Entry Form, a show entry form and copies of all applicable documents and then mail the envelope to:

c/o State Farm Insurance
Donna Agee, treasurer, CGSWDC
6404 Carmel Road, Suite 200
Charlotte, NC 28226
Tel. (704) 541-9999

Note You MUST bring ORIGINALS of the applicable documents to the show. Present documents during show check-in.
«!» We will only e-mail you an acknowledgment of receipt if you provided a valid e-mail address and if we did receive your two completed, correctly filled out and signed entry forms, all needed copies and full payment on or before the breed survey deadline of 23 February 2007.
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