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12-14 March 2004
Show Results
Photo Gallery
Schutzhund 1, 2, 3
BH (Begleithund)
Breed Survey
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Junior Puppy Class
Senior Puppy Class
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Working Dog Class
AD (Ausdauerprüfung)

Regional Conformation Show, Schutzhund Trial and Breed Survey
Breed Survey — Photo Gallery (13 March 2004)

Pictures from the Breed Survey

A total of ten dogs were entered in the Breed Survey. Seven dogs passed, three dogs were pulled. Click here to read the show results.

Breed Survey
The breed survey participants are lining up for SV Judge Ernst Rückert. Helper Josh Scutt catching cat no. 35 Jonny von der Grafschaft Wolfram owned by Beverely Roberts.
Cat no. 31 Dragon vom Drache Feld doing bitework. Cat no. 32 Leon vom Fiemereck attacking.
Leon vom Fiemereck and handler Charlie Starr. Leon vom Fiemereck doing hold and bark.
Brigitte Holder, Donna Agee, SV judge Ernst Rückert, Cat. no. 21 Funny vom Altenberger Land with owner/handler Helen Gleason getting ready for the breed survey. Cat no. 22 Leah vom Drache Feld attacking helper Josh Scutt coming out of the blind.
Josh Scutt receives a “thank you” gift from Donna Agee (show secretary) for his helper work during the breed survey.  
SV judge Ernst Rückert examining the teeth of cat no. 35 Jonny von der Grafschaft Wolfram handled by Chet Roberts. From left: Funny vom Altenberger Land and Helen Gleason, Steve and Connie Miller with Tim vom Bauhofer-Land (cat. no. 26), SV judge Ernst Rückert.
Helen Gleason is presenting Funny vom Altenberger Land. Chet Roberts is presenting Jonny von der Grafschaft Wolfram.
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