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Carolina German Shepherd Working Dog Club Information
Training Guidelines
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1 All dogs must be on a leash and under control of the owner.
2 We should not be working more than one dog at a time unless we are using a second dog for “pack support” during bite work. We may have a second dog out during obedience for a distraction but not during bite work.
3 While bite work is going on be sure your dog is secure—double check leads, collars, etc. The last thing we need is a loose dog during agitation.
4 If you bring guests, it is your responsibility to see to it they are aware of our rules and do not interfere with any training activity.
5 Dog aggression is not allowed and must be dealt with immediately. Our dogs are very expensive and very dear to their owners. The last thing we need is an injury to one of them. If your dog shows this tendency, we can work to reduce or eliminate this behavior. You may need additional security for any such dog.
6 Contamination of the fields cannot be allowed. You must clean up after your dog immediately. For those of you traveling long distances, please walk your dog before coming to the field. Remember that we are a guest, too.
7 If your dog is sick, lame etc. we will not be able to work the dog. If you have a bitch in heat, she will be worked last and should be kept away from the field during training. We should be aware that many of the diseases our dogs get come from other dogs so please be considerate of this and keep all vaccinations etc. up to date.
8 It is your responsibility to have the proper collar(s), leads, etc. to train your dog. It is understandable that we may forget some equipment and we can work around this, however, this should be the exception not the rule.
9 Be sure to bring any food and/or water your dog may need. We should not have dogs drinking from another dog’s bowl.
10 Training will begin at 9:00 am and sooner as it gets warmer. Try to get to training sessions as early as possible. If you have a special situation or problem you would like addressed, please see me as soon as you arrive.
Richard Agee, President, Carolina German Shepherd Working Dog Club

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