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On 12-13 June 2004 the CGSWDC hosted the third German Shepherd Dog training seminar with Debbie Zappia, ProFormance K-9’s & Olgameister Kennel on our Training and Schutzhund Field in Statesville.

[1] This seminar was open only to CGSWDC members.
[2] The club decided on 5/22/04 to allow every CGSWDC member to bring one dog to this seminar free of charge. For bringing multiple dogs a fee of $25.00 was charged for each additional dog. The fee still applied even if someone exchanged, at any time, their first dog to a another dog during this 2-day seminar.
[3] Please call or e-mail to inform us how many dogs you intend to bring to this seminar.

Event Schedule
- We began the seminar on Saturday 12 June 2003 at 9:00 AM EDT.
- We then had a free barbecue/grill lunch at the Training and Schutzhund Field about noon.
- After lunch the seminar continued until about 5:00 PM EDT.
- At 7:30 PM EDT the club met at Big Daddy’s seafood restaurant in Mooresville for dinner.
  Map it. Please note that the CGSWDC did not pay for the dinner.
  Address: Big Daddy’s Of Lake Norman Inc., 1162 River Highway, Mooresville, NC 28117.
  Tel. (704) 663-4242.
- We continued on Sunday morning 13 June 2003.

Thank you, Debbie!

12-13 June 2004 Seminar Photo Gallery
CGSWDC members listening to the introduction presented by Debbie Zappia.
Beverly Roberts with Nessie. Chet Roberts with Nick.
Donna Agee with Emma Louise. Brigitte Holder with Boe.
Cheryl Mathis with Gustl. Irina Lebedeva with Zane.
Maureen Wendling with Heaven. David Yost with Sunny.
Richard Shuler with Big Foot. Wayne Speaks with Blitz.
Chet Roberts with Enno.

© 2004 Photos by Klaus Holder
Debbie Zappia.
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